Walabot API
All you need to know to create a Walabot Application
Installation instructions and Troubleshooting

Installation location

Walabot latest stable installation can be down in the following link : Walabot Installer

Windows Installation

Installation instructions

The installation checks if the software is already installed on your computer or ot, it will propose to install it.

Installation Troubleshooting

  1. Walabot SDK installation fails with various errors.
    Fix : If the Walabot installation fails it may leave the system in inconsistent state.Try to uninstall the Walabot package and then rerun the installation.
  2. After installation of the Walabot SDK package the WalabotDemo application complains on missing dlls.
    Fix: In rare cases, the installation may require reboot.Please reboot your system and try to run WalabotDemo again.
  3. Driver installtion error - Sometime the driver installation fails.
    Pop up window with message: "device driver was not successfully installed"
    Fix: reboot the system
    Note :The driver problem also could be see in event viewer: Device manager "... with exit code 0xD 0xD = The data is invalid"

Linux Installation

Installation Linux instructions

Linux installation is done with debian package.
In order to install, please download th einstallation package from Walabot site, and execute the following command:

sudo dpkg -i walabot-maker.deb

The package installs the following files/paths:

  1. /usr/lib/libWalabotAPI.so - The walabot library.
  2. /usr/include/WalabotAPI.h - The walabot library header file.
  3. /var/lib/walabot/... - The walabot database and configuration files. Give this path to Walabot_SetSettingsFolder.
  4. /usr/share/doc/walabot/... - Example code, licence and README
  5. /etc/udev/rules.d/... - Special udev rule for walabot device, so it could be access without root priviliges.